Jamu Tun Teja (Women’s Traditional Supplement)


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The One Beauty Supplement you need to keep you Pretty Inside Out.. Benefits of Jamu Tun Teja

☘️ Increase Energy Level

☘️ Milk Booster

☘ Removes Toxin

☘ Increase Collagen for Skin ☘ Beautify Skin( lighten scars)

☘ Assisting in weight reduction

☘ Smoothen Bowel Movement

☘ Aids in keeping womb in good condition

☘ Helps with Constipation

☘ Reduction in Belly Fats

☘ Suitable even for Breastfeeding Mothers


To consume: Tear the tip n drink direct from the Sachet

Comsumption Plans : ✅ Slow but Surely Plan: $35 ( Eat alternate days(1 box)

✅ Progressive Plan: $70 (Once a day. 30 sachets(2 box)

✅Super Booster Plan: $140(4box)- 2 times a day


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