Business Babe

It’s been a while that I actually blog, prolly over 2 decades. Basically AnnNoree.Com was started 3 years ago the idea of getting myself officially connected worldwide to share the dreams of making others especially women feel better and confident of themselves. I do personal motivation & coaching at my pace on B2C and B2B advice. Not totally an industry expert but I do it for small e-sellers who are clueless to start. As for matters of the heart, I do give advice and my guide in ensuring at the end of the conversation, they feel better than before and bounce forward to greater heights.

Here at my site, I provide product sales of cosmetics, supplements and also snacks. We all need all-rounder items in keeping a normal social life. I offer the best that is in the market, personally chosen and what I consume/use on frequent basis. So I am walking ambassadors to the branding i represent and uphold the standards of the branding too.