NR Cosmetics x Nuex Rosli

Founded in January 2017 by a renowned celebrity makeup artist Nuex Rosli, NR Cosmetics (NRC) has risen to becoming Malaysia’s number one cosmetics company. We have decided to meet the needs of those who have been looking for the right answers in the beauty world, especially among the presence of local cosmetics.

With 8 years of experience in the professional makeup artistry world, our founder is committed to produce the highest standard of quality products to meet the demands of the consumers in this rapid-growing industry.

Aside from our products, our people are the foundation of our success, and the key to this business. We have a loyal, dedicated team members with a can-do attitude and a range of talents. Our highly motivated team has built a strong rapport with our customers, suppliers, and communities.

Rather than driving sales through the traditional retail and online platforms, NRC works closely with resellers (agents) to reach a wider consumer audience. This also helps the local economy by providing platform for business opportunities.

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